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TG-6200D Drift Car Gyro


TG-6200D Drift Car Gyro

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TG-6200D Drift Car Gyro
TG-6200D Drift Car Gyro



Total Control

ACE RC introduces the TG-6200D drift gyro specifically-developed for your RC drifting car. The TG-6200D drift gyro uses a yaw control sensor to detect tail sliding and automatically counter-steers to prevent your car from spinning out of control.

The TG-6200D features a gain control function for adjusting counter-steering depending on track conditions and drifting skills. The gyro can also be disabled for touring car racing and, when necessary, the AUX channel can be very handy to remotely adjust gain on your transmitter.

It may seem hard to believe, but this tiny package brings drifting to new extreme!

Just connect the car gyro onto the top of your steering servo or upper deck, complete the initial setting and start drifting.

It's that simple!